Converting Food Waste into Opportunity by Generating Value – Arya Prince 2/24/22

Today I am going to discuss an article I read that answered a question I was asking for a long time since the start of this pandemic, “how did COVID-19 impact climate change,” published on January 14, 2021. This question was finally answered when I read the article titled “NASA data reveals the truth about COVID-19’s Effect on Climate Change,” which analyzes recent satellite data NASA published on climate change.


A recent interview with Luciano Kleiman, co-founder of B4Waste, covered the company’s mission to reduce food waste by empowering supermarkets to sell foods close to their expiration dates at half price.


By developing a platform that lets supermarkets sell food close to its expiration date at a discounted price, B4Waste aims to reduce food waste while providing customers with access to fresh food at an affordable price. The platform works by connecting supermarkets with customers who are looking for bargains on food. The supermarkets can list their products that are close to the expiration date, and customers can purchase these products at a discounted price. This not only helps reduce food waste but also provides customers with access to fresh food at a lower cost.


Kleiman believes that the platform has the potential to make a significant impact on reducing food waste. By empowering supermarkets to sell their food close to the expiration date, the platform ensures that this food is used before it goes to waste, which helps reduce the environmental

impact of food waste. Additionally, the platform also provides an economic benefit to both the supermarkets and the customers, as the supermarkets can reduce their losses on food that would otherwise have gone to waste, and the customers can save money by purchasing fresh food at a discounted price.


In conclusion, Luciano Kleiman and B4Waste’s initiative to reduce food waste by empowering supermarkets to sell foods close to the expiration date at half the price is a commendable effort to address a major environmental and economic issue. The platform has the potential to make a

significant impact on reducing food waste and providing access to fresh food at a lower cost.