The Team


Arya Prince

Founder and President

I’m currently a senior at an American high school, serving as DECA Executive Secretary and previously as Senior Patrol Leader at Fremont Troop 154. I’m also a certified science instructor at Science Gurus, where I share my passion for science with students. I’m enthusiastic about Python programming and find fulfillment in applying it to machine learning. My goal is to use technology to make a positive impact on our planet. Environmental science and green entrepreneurship deeply inspire me, and I believe that by combining AI knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and my love for the environment, I can contribute significantly to my community. Notably, I created an outdoor science classroom for Oliviwera Elementary, showcasing my commitment to innovative education.

Arit Prince

Co Founder and Vice President

I’m currently a freshman at American High School, and I’m an accomplished Star Scout within Troop 154. Throughout my scouting journey, I’ve taken on various leadership roles, including serving as a Patrol Leader and a Troop Guide. My interests are diverse, ranging from a passion for video games and robotics to a love for outdoor activities. When it comes to programming, I’ve honed my skills over approximately four years, primarily focusing on Python.


Competitions for High Schoolers, Middle Schoolers, and Elementary Schoolers on AI UN Sustainable Development Goals.