Let's Learn

Science and Beyond provides hands-on educational programs that inspire young people to learn about science and the environment. Our programs, led by high school students, teach various topics through interactive labs and activities, cultivating critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. We empower the next generation of environmental leaders by providing equal opportunities for all students to learn and grow.


Science and Beyond is dedicated to inspiring young minds to use AI in tackling complex environmental challenges through our competitions for students of all ages. Our high school competitions challenge participants to analyze environmental issues and develop AI models to address them. For middle school and elementary school students, we provide more accessible and interactive competitions that spark their interest in technology and the environment. By empowering young talents to become environmental champions, we hope to drive positive change and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Conservation and Biodiversity Programs

Science and Beyond’s conservation and biodiversity projects are focused on protecting and preserving the planet’s ecosystems and their inhabitants. One specific example of Science and Beyond’s conservation and biodiversity project is our partnership with local conservation organizations to clean up and restore the habitats of endangered species in our area. By providing opportunities for students to participate in these efforts, we hope to increase their understanding of the importance of conservation and inspire them to take action to protect our planet’s ecosystems.